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Hepple Gin


45% alc/vol 70cl

Hepple Gin By using three different methods  to extract Juniper's flavour  during the distillation process The Moorland Spirit Company has reinterpreted the way a Premium Gin is made revealing the flavour of the botanicals fully . The handpicked green juniper from Hepple are vacuum distilled to draw out the vibrant freshness of the young berries. Then using intense pressures of supercritical extraction, in a system usually reserved for fine perfumes, they distil the pure essence of juniper berries - giving an exquisite depth of flavour. Combining these three distillates creates the “Triple Technique” - Making Hepple an award winning gin . There is an immediate fresh scent of green apple, bright grapefruit and spicy juniper. This then opens up to reveal underlying notes of Douglas Fir, and fragrant blackcurrant. The initial fresh citrus flavours evolve into unexpected ripe cantaloupe melon, the spicy fragrant juniper continues to coat the palate. Extremely long and this is where the juniper reveals itself further with flavours alternating between sandalwood and cedar with a notable savoury presence that complements the sweet blackcurrant and liquorice. The sweet juiciness is maintained throughout the finish.
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